Activating the Grain Terminal in 2005 has been for Constantza South Port an impulse which has led to the substantial acceleration of the cereal traffic and has stimulated investments in this domain.
As owners of a complete technology grain facility at the entrance of Danube - Black Sea Channel we are focusing to expand and improve this sector, investing continuously to improve, upgrade, expand and enhance our facilities in order to meet and exceed all our customer's requirements in this permanently growing market.
The Terminal is foreseen with an automatic installation for takeover, storage, conditionning and loading operations into sea and river units.
Barter Port achievements related to the scope of storage and goods handling are sustainable by a leadership strategy with a systematic management, acting in compliance with references of a high quality management rules. As per company's main policy, safety, environmental friendship and security are always the very first priority for us.

safety, fast, competitive and environmental riendly operations;
dynamic and experienced team;
berth planning;
transport service for trucks, barges, vessel wagons;
vessel operations;
river unit operations;
rail wagons operations;
grains & agricultural products handling;
competitive storage fee;
competitive shortage;
all sort of bulk product, general merchandise;
all sort of steel products;
extended & renewed port facilities;
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Is to assure optimal and faster conditions for in taking and loading the products into maritime, river, wagons, trucks, containers as per customer needs, so that they can truly rely on our services for an integrated logistical support.
In conclusion, our customers should expect from BARTER PORT OPERATOR:
Our Vision
Our Vision